While we are not currently scheduling large-group hands-on workshops, please feel free to contact either Nate Yang or myself with inquiries for online webinars or future programs.

Dental Photography:

A Comprehensive Workshop

A full-day workshop with John Syrbu DDS and Nate Yang DDS. Designed for dentists and team members covering a wide variety of topics, equipment, and techniques. Enjoy a smaller group setting or up to 18 participants.

Morning + Afternoon

Dental Photography:

Clinical Applications

A half-day presentation. Introductory material compares modern photography systems and takes a closer look at DSLR photography equipment and accessories. We review intraoral photography techniques as well as lab communication.

1/2 day

Modern Dental

Photography Systems

Do you know your options when it comes to dental photography? This presentation reviews sample photos, features, price points, and provides recommendations for each system. A comparative analysis follows to answer the most important question of all - which system is right for me?

60 minutes

Introduction to DSLR Photography

The DSLR system remains the gold standard in dental photography. An introductory course that reviews camera body, lens, and flash options, as well as recommendations and considerations for each. Key setup and settings for successful exposure are also defined and discussed.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

This presentation covers the techniques and equipment necessary to capture a complete series of intraoral photographs, including shade and lab communication, as well as an optional hands on tutorial for smaller groups.

60 minutes | 120 minutes

Intraoral Photography

Laboratory and Creative


Bring your own cases or photograph ours. A fun and interactive hands-on module where we supply the equipment, and even the cameras if necessary. Up to 30 participants with a extended instructions for beginners as necessary.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Portrait Photography

and Studio Setup

Great portraits add the human element to your most rewarding cases. We provide a variety of equipment for participants to sample and determine what works best for them, their team, and their office.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

15 Essential Social Media Posts

for Your Practice

A quick review of easy, effective, and engaging posts that no social media page should be without. Tips and tricks are also provided with examples from successful practices around the country.

15 minutes

Marketing and the

Patient Experience

An introductory marketing presentation for dental students within the context of practice management. This presentation reviews concepts in business and practice, internal and external marketing techniques, as well as effective strategies for internet and social media marketing.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

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