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Pre-Dental Guide

The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry

Second Edition

The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry provides practical information for students interested in dentistry and prospective dental students. Introductory chapters review career aspects and opportunities in dentistry as well as basic dental anatomy and terminology. Subsequent chapters use this information to expand on various branches of dentistry and procedures performed by general practitioners and dental specialists. While other books focus on getting into dental school, The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry reviews important concepts and offers a foundation of dental knowledge no student should be without!

Pre-Dental Guide

A must-have for first-year DDS students!

"This was a great guide for starting dental school- I would have been really lost without it! Dr. Syrbu accurately depicts what to expect and how to handle it!"

Jeremy Grabouski

Pre-Dental Guide

It's a great head start

"If you are going into dentistry or thinking about going into dentistry, this book will put you ahead dramatically and/or give you a great and detailed look into the world that dentists live and work in. It is detailed enough to make you feel like you are learning to be a dentist already, but general enough to remain just an introduction. Good read."

Marcus D Farmer

Pre-Dental Guide

Great Aid

"Going to or been there done that, good book for insight into getting into and existing once in dental school."


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