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My interests in dentistry are diverse and constantly evolving. Throughout my professional career, I have been driven to learn, to create, and to teach. With this website I hope to interact and learn as much from you as you do from me.


My main 'claim to fame' are my dental cartoons, as the creator of Dental Art & Humor, a dental interest Facebook and Instagram page. Since creating the page, I have become a dentist, completed a GPR, worked in private practice, and returned to academics. I have also authored and illustrated several books. With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, I've created various presentations for dentists and dental students.




John Syrbu DDS, here at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics. Please let me know how I can help, I'd love to hear from you.

John Syrbu | Social Media Marketing for Dentists
John Syrbu DDS
Dentist - Author - Illustrator

I'd like to share my knowledge with you.

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